Host Venues will sign the Host Venue Signature Page before approval by USATT after receiving all USATT VENUE INFORMATION.

Become a Venue Recruiter 

If you introduce the USA Tennis Tour to locations and become a Ambassador, you can earn income.

We are looking for tennis facilities who are willing to be partners to operate and host USA Tennis Tour Tournaments and Events. 

The partner model with a venue provider means their income for the courts is included in their share. 

The USA Tennis Tour will agree a financial model with each location which is based on an agreed cost model with a split of net income. 

This depends on the event’s financial numbers and the negotiations. 

Venues Growth Plan

This 10 year development plan will cover a series of between 1 annual event up to 52 weekly tennis tournament events per year to be held at 3,000 to 6,000 host sites worldwide. On average of 12 tennis tournament events per year are hosted at each site, then 3,000 host sites have the potential to host up to 36,000 events per year. 

Potential Venues will be sent the Overview , Plans & Agreement for Hosts and Host Venues as well as the Host Structure & Event Venue Form.