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The USATT is always looking for event vendors, general vendors, and partner vendors!

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All vendors must submit the USATT Vendor Application Form, and sign the Vendor Event Agreement and or General Contract.

About – Vendors & Food Trucks

Food trucks and vendors at events will provide spectator and players the opportunity to try unique and new eats and drinks, while increasing participation through food trucks promoting their participation in the event. 

Food trucks & vendors will pay a fee to be in attendance or have a revenue share with the event. 


Event vendor space will be sold. Food trucks, shopping, dining, entertainment spots will be sold. 

Event participation goals are high, we want lots of players and spectators to attend events. 

Food Vendors 

Food vendors will make events known for having food options and this will encourage spectator participation at events and make people want to attend the events. 

Non-Food Shopping Vendors 

Vendors selling jewelry, hand made goods, jams and jellies, and more will create a “Farmers Market” feel and encourage even more spectator participation and attendance. 

Activity Vendors

Activity vendors such as VR and Esports will create “fun community walk around tennis Palooza” event where kids and adults alike have things to try out and enjoy at events such as mini golf, and other games and mini tasks!