What is the USA TENNIS TOUR Pathway Program ?

Start your tennis career from scratch with the USATT Pathway Program! Starting at age 2, we guide and work with players and their parents and coaches to mold them into the player they want to be. The limits are unknown to where they can go on their tennis journey and we are there every step of the way.

Supporting players to reach their dreams from ages 2-29, progress through the program at your own pace, according to your talent, skill level, and capabIlity!



The vision and goals of the USA TENNIS TOUR are to be a stepping stone and pathway for players to reach stardom on the WTA & ATP women’s and men’s circuits. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has hosted some of the best young players in the country and will continue to do so, while encouraging them to reach for their dreams of playing on the circuits. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR vision and goals include being a stepping stone and partner on players journey, alongside the ITF. The ITF provides players the opportunities to earn WTA:ATP points in their events. The USA TENNIS TOUR goal is for our players to compete on the USATT & the ITF simultaneously while they wait for their “golden ticket” to gain entry into WTA / ATP events. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR is offering a option for players to not be ALL IN on the Persuit Of Pro Points, which is more and more difficult to gain. 

KIDs START – Kick Start

KIDs START – Kick Start Course

The Kids Start – Kick Start course is open to children age 2-9.

Kick Starter Player Box

Players that sign up for the course will get their necessities to start playing the game; and resources for their parent to have and learn.

  • 19” or 25” Racquet
  • 4 Foam Tennis Balls
  • Tennis ”How To” Brochure
  • Rules of Tennis Pamphlet
  • A Glimpse of Tennis History
  • Visor
  • Sweatband
  • Towel
  • Vibration Dampeners
  • & more!

Kick Start Beginners Clinics

Players that join the course will have access to the Kick Start Beginners Clinics hosted by our coaches and organizers!

They will learn the Hand Eye Coordination, Basics of Tennis, Form & Technique, Talent Formation and more beginner sills.

Kick Start – The Game Clinics

Players will learn the scoring, the rules, sportsmanship, player conduct, how to play with others, and more important lessons to shape them into the player they want be.

Kick Start – Progress Camps

As the players progress from newbies to having some familiarity with the sport, they will start attending the Progress Camps! This is where they will continue their learning and development and show their progress. The players will train with coaches and instructors while starting to hit with each other. This is where they will get to implement their teamwork and working well with others skills and start to experience how the sport of tennis works!

Kick Start – One on One Stage

The Kick Start – One on One Stage of the course will take the progressing player, and bring them one on one with on of our Private Coaches and Instructors. This is where they will take the information and learning to the next level, getting private instruction and tips to build their tennis game.

The one on one instruction will help the program learn the players potential and possible pathway forward taking in account their talents and progress.

Kick Start – Flex Hit Tennis

Flex – Hit Tennis is the part of the course where if players register, they will be placed in a group by age and level, and schedule hitting sessions with each other, to start learning to practice on their own, and start implementing their strokes with their friends in a relaxed, fun, style of flexible scheduling practice with each other.

Kick Start – AJTTA Enrollment

Association of Junior Team Tennis Athletes (AJTTA) – Beginners

The Kick Start – AJTTA Enrollment initiative is the first step in getting the players playing matches, & implementing their game and the knowledge they have accumulated. Team tennis is the best way to get players to learn how to work together, as a team, toward a goal, while having fun!

Players will form teams of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls!

The team captains will schedule Team Practices, to get the team ready for the regular season. Teams will compete against one another in their sections, areas, districts and cities, until the playoffs teams are set.

Area, District, & Section & National Championships will be held to determine the best Junior Beginner Team in the country!

Kick Start – Flex Matches

The next step on the path is the Flex Matches – Beginner league, similar to the Flex Hit program, players will be placed in groups and be responsible for scheduling their Flex matches with each other. Start playing singles and doubles matches on your own, keep up with your line calls, scores, sportsmanship and keep your cool in a fun, competitive match league.

Kick Start – Progress Tour Enrollment

The Progress Tour by Junior Tennis Tour Circuit is the first step into competitive tournaments for the kids! At their own pace, they can play their first tournament and join the Progress Tour in its 4 month season.

The 4 month season will ease them into competition and not overwhelm them with year round tennis tournaments.

Running May – August, the players will be able to play tournaments while they enjoy summer break.

The Kids Start – Kick Start Program will take players to their potential through guidance and we will be there supporting players and parents/coaches every step on the path.

This program will KICK START your child’s game!



The Kids Start – Kick Start course is open to children age 7-12.

Taking players from the graduated level of beginner to semi-intermediate.


The new future champions will learn more in depth skills and instruction from our Coaches & Organizers as they continue to develop and look to advance to INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS.

The Big Clinics will encompass hitting & education, playing with others, focused learning, footwork skills, shot making, & more. This semi intermediate class, is set up to move players from the Beginner stage to Semi-Intermediate and get them prepared to improve to move toward Intermediate players.


The Small Group Camps are designed to provide focused instruction in a relaxed, teamwork environment. 4-6 players will be with 1-2 coaches, playing mini games to improve strokes and teamwork, and footwork skills, to name a few.

The players will receive dedicated instruction & implement what they learned in the practice sets they play with each other, with coaches behind them giving advice and making improvements.

The players will then showcase their improvement by playing in the Exhibition Match at end of the camp. There will be 1 doubles or 1 doubles and 1 singles match played on Exhibition Night.


The next step on the pathway, The Big Champions Round Robin events, will continue to ease the players into competition. As they improve their skills and get stronger, we want to warm them up to matches, not throw them into the ring or the lions den!

The weekend and weekday events will be scheduled by the Organizer and the matchups are set. Groups of 4-8 are set and 1 by 1; you compete against all in your group.

Players will compete, but the standings will be with-held from the players, as we don’t want to put pressure on them!


As Big Champions evolve into Sport Explorers, they have evolved away from Intermediate Tennis and have begun the journey to becoming a Advanced Player.

Our goal is to truly turn them into Sport Explorers that are students of the game, and want to improve through hard work and perseverance.

We want them to explore their game and take it to the next level, and they will; with the help of our Coaches & Instructors.

Advanced Clinic

The first step towards the next level is to experience their first Advanced Clinic, getting used to the new intensity, new focus, and new demand of High Level Tennis.

They have been working for years to work into their new spots on the court, and we are there to support, guide and work with them as they progress.

Footwork Drill Sessions

Footwork drills will be implemented to increase foot speed and work towards fast foot work.

Doubles Combine

Players will be immersed into doubles play, strategy, positioning, technique, serve, volley, overhead, and more in a intense Doubles Combine.

Players will play doubles matches, exhibitions, and experience match scenarios.

Players will learn how to be advanced doubles players while having fun with friends, enjoying food and getting instructions from top coaches.

Serving Showcase

Players will practice their serve and learn new strategies and skills. Ranging from grips, to positioning to technique, players will get a one of a kind Serve lesson during a intense event that encourages learning and patience, and the drive to improve.

Classroom Session

High performance classroom sessions will outline the important off the court lessons using visual, video, verbal and other strategies of instruction.


As your player has finally developed the skills and game to compete against the best, they are given the opportunity to compete like the pros with the pros! Players that excel from junior tennis into high performance players, are invited to join the circuit and compete for rankings, titles and prize money.


The Middle School Tennis School program is designed for middle school students, usually 11-13 years old.

Working with middle schools, we will introduce tennis to more children, & we will provide continued education to the players in the Pathway Program, as they graduate to Intermediate Players.

Tennis League of Middle Schools

Teams will form based on their level; Beginner or Intermediate. Teams will be formed based on where they go to school.

Practices and matches will be held after school.

This will build more team work skills, and teach players to balance school & tennis.

This also will teach leadership skills, as Team Captains & Assistant Captains positions will be filled!

The league will run March – May and end with the Middle School Tennis School League Banquet & Awards Ceremony.

Tennis School for Middle Schools

Working in coordination & partnership with middle schools and secondary schools (Grades 6-8), Tennis School for Middle Schools provides Tennis Instruction to the students during Physical Education class, usually held in gymnasiums, or with Clinic Set Ups assembled outdoors on green-spaces or flat areas.

Our coaches and instructors will set up nets, bring racquets & equiptment, balls, hoppers, hoolahoops, cones, and more to teach and instruct the players a mini clinic, all in 30-90 minute sessions!

The players will receive the Tennis School for Middle Schools Pamphlet with tips and information, and be invited to the next step of the program!

LATE START – Kick Start Program

For middle school players age 11-13, who have experienced Tennis School and want to continue learning and developing, are invited to the program which will be conducted at local parks or tennis courts!

Ins & Outs of Tennis 101

This program will start to instruct and guide the players on how to play the game, the scoring, how to hold the raquet, and the basics.

This stress free FUN program will teach the ins and outs of Beginner Tennis while the players socialize and build friendships.

Our coaches and instructors will work patiently with the students to introduce them to the game and keep them interested in improving!

Points, Games & Sets of Tennis 102

Tennis 102 will take the player to the next level, teaching footwork and more skills and tactics to mold them into a growing player.

The program will push their limits and their knowledge of the game, while advancing their progress as they grow into a Seasoned Beginner!

Step 3, Tennis 103

Tennis 103 will teach players Tennis Rules, positioning, footwork skills, form, and technique, and provide the required assistance, guidance, information and skills to the player to graduate away from beginner, and towards intermediate.

Middle School Flex League Beginner

The Middle School Flex League – Beginner is designed for players that have completed Tennis 101-103 or have a grasp of the game on the beginner level, to play matches and begin to play independently.

Groups of 4-7 are set, and the matches are scheduled on your own time!

This is a great way to start playing matches in a relaxed scenario!

Middle School Flex League – Intermediate

The Intermediate Flex League is for late starters or players that compete at the intermediate level and completed Tennis 101-103. Completion of the 101-103 programs is not required.

The intermediate league will give players opportunity to build their skills and continue to improve.

Play matches on your own time, with players who are your age and your skill level!


Designed for teens age 13-18 who play Intermediate Level tennis and have graduated away from Beginner Tennis.

Training Camps

Players will start with the Training Camps, which will introduce them to the Intermediate Level, expectations, course management, what to prepare for, and how to practice at a new level with now older classmates!

Play Tennis Tour Enrollment

Play Tennis Tour is a intermediate circuit for players to just get on court and play!

Running June – July, the Play Tennis Tour will host events and tournaments to ease the players into competition tennis.
Players will compete against players around their age, and also face mental challenges of playing players older and younger, as well as varied game styles.

Tennis Education Academy

Classroom and strategy training for players to take the information & training they received throughout the program; to the next level.
Whiteboards, visual learning, & verbal learning will allow players to understand the game more and push them towards their next step.

Junior Tennis Tour Circuit Enrollment

As your teen is approaching advanced Level, they will be invited to the JTTC, a semi advanced circuit for juniors, nationwide.

Play like the pros on the JTTC, travel to the same tournaments as the professionals and compete on the tour.

Earn ranking points, trophies and experience on the JTTC.

Junior Tennis Tour Circuit Players Committee Appointment

Pathway players will be invited to be members of the JTTC Players Committee.

The committee has responsibilities to advocate for the players on tour, their coaches and parents on decisions, policies, rules, and more; to the USATT organization and its committees.

Players will have meetings and communicate with one another, and the organization, making judgements and rulings on issues and initiatives.

High School Tennis Project

The High School Tennis Project is a initiative to introduce tennis to high schoolers (usually 13-18) before its too late!

FUN FACT: Its never too late to start tennis! Thousands of players even over the age of 80 start tennis each year!

BUT – if we introduce them to tennis before they graduate high school, they are more likely to continue tennis into their adult lives! They also will have more of a understanding of the game, as it is easier to learn something, the younger you are!

The HSTP is dedicated to more young adults leaving high school with a understanding of tennis!

The High School Tennis Project, will work with high schools to set up Tennis Clinics in gyms, outdoor flat areas and basketball courts to instruct and teach students tennis during their Physical Education class.

The project will also elevate Leadership Personalities at the high schools, which will funnel High School Students to assist and work with younger students and supply the next generation of Student Ambassadors when they graduate high school and those Ambassadors will help with the Middle School – Tennis School teaching and clinics.

High School Tournament Series

The High School Tournament Series will field high schools with tennis teams to compete in non-sanctioned high school team tournaments.

Schools will compete against one another to train and prepare for the Association of High Schools Tennis Season.

Teams will compete for bragging rights and compete as teams toward a goal.

For High schools that do not have tennis teams; we will consult with them to form a team!


Designed for graduated students aged 19-29.

Tennis Recreation is set up for players that got a late start to tennis but graduated high school and want to continue learning an playing.

Skill Level: Beginner

Beginner Group Lessons

Beginner Private Lessons

Beginner Tennis – 101

Beginner Tennis – 102

Beginner Tennis – 103

Friday Night Tennis in Lights

Saturday HitaRound Clinics

Tennis Recreation Clinic Camps

Recreation Flex Leagues

Recreation on the Court Tennis Tournament

As players get to know the game, they are invited to compete in the Beginners Tournament! Organizers will be there helping with scoring, positioning, and showing them how to play a match & tournament!