USATT Partner Events

The USA TENNIS TOUR partners with other events and tournaments to accomplish mutually beneficial goals and ideas! USA TENNIS TOUR partners with other organizers, organizations, associations and tournament directors that present tennis tournaments that align with USA TENNIS TOUR’s values and principles!

Partner events are promoted and advertised by USATT! We promote the event before, during and after and bring exposure to the tournament and our partnership!

Partner events comes with USATT TEAM for tournament media, interviews, highlights, and more!

Partner events are attended by USATT TEAM for assistance with tournament operations!

Partner events get included in USATT newsletter!

PARTNER EVENTS receive USATT Ranking Points Allocation, all players will receive USATT ranking points in the tournament, as a USATT PARTNER EVENT!

The USATT has currently held 3 USATT Partner Events in Florida & Mississippi. We look forward to hosting many more!

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