The USA TENNIS TOUR – Partner Academies Program is a initiative to partner and collaborate with tennis academies nation and world wide. 

Partnering with tennis academies will open doors for the USA TENNIS TOUR, like never before. 

Partnering with academies will: 

  • increase players into events 
  • Increase spectators 
  • attract sponsors 
  • influence organizers and coaches 

Creating relationships with academies will also open doors to:

  • hold more tournaments 
  • hold more clinics/workshops 
  • players spreading the word 

These collaborations will improve operations and numbers as well as connecting the tour with players to support in their journey. 

To decrease monetary costs, the USATT could donate and provide:

  • balls
  • clothing 
  • shoes 
  • equipment 
  • racquets 

to the academy and players, especially players that are less fortunate than others. 

Also, to include those players into tournaments and programs, supporters, sponsors and contributors can donate to:

  • lower tournament costs for players 
  • lower entry fees 
  • lower travel costs
  • lower equipment costs 
  • & more!