™️ USA TENNIS TOUR COLLEGIATE DREAWORKS ™️ is set on its mission and goal of helping more players reach their college dreams by attending universities, colleges, and play tennis for their school.
It is the USA Tennis Tour belief that every teenager should have that opportunity, regardless of situation.

College Tennis Preparation

Preparing players for college tennis with information, resources, tips, steps to follow, success stories, & more.

College Tennis Showcases

The college tennis showcases are great opportunities for high school tennis players to both meet with and showcase their skills in front of college coaches.

College Tennis Combines

An event matching coaches and players.

Most college combines are a national collegiate tennis scouting event, featuring 128 high school tennis players, limited to 64 boys and 64 girls, created to give U.S. junior players exposure, knowledge and data to help in their college recruitment process. College coaches attend the event in the hopes to find players for their teams. The event features fitness and agility testing, off-the-court programming and a singles tournament. 

College Tennis Exposure Camps

Collegiate Exposure Camps is a program that allows the coaches a unique opportunity to train with players and help them prepare for college tennis.

Players can be exposed to how college players train, in a fast pace exposure camp.

Recruitment Education

Players will get education on how to get recruited, what it takes, the process and much more!

College Tennis Camps

Tennis camps dedicated to prospective college tennis players & recruiters.

Connect with our College Tennis Experts

Chat on on one with our College Tennis Experts!