Learn about how we manage USATT tournaments, what the events are all about and what makes us different!
USATT is committed to running professional events, its who we are.


USATT believes tennis is a Gentlemen’s Game. We implement professional standards at all of our events.

We believe players train too hard, spend way too much money and time on their game to make a mockery of the events and what they stand for. USATT is invested and cares about the players!


All of our tournaments start with a organized website to learn about the event and register. Tournament organizers communicate and organize with players to assure they have all the info about the tournament before they show up on site. Each tournament is run with the same standards, giving the players something to get used to, well run, professional events.


Players call their own lines and score, unless umpires are on court. Players can call referee or umpire to court, given a issue.


The USATT provides water, towels, cooling measures, fruit, granola, and other amenities during events and tournaments.

  • Towels on Court
  • Water & Drinks on Court
  • Cooling Measures on Court
  • & more!

    Fair Play Policy
  • USATT is committed to all matches and events demonstrating Fair Play standards and sportsmanship.
  • All players are to represent USATT in the best light when on court and respect the sport, their opponent, and the tour.

Tournament Circuits

Pinnacle Circuit

2000 Ranking Points

Champions Circuit

1000 Ranking Points

Elite Circuit

400 Ranking Points