Tour Rules, Standards & Regulations


The USA TENNIS TOUR rules and regulations apply to all events and tournaments and are circuit-wide, presiding & taking seniority over all other policies and standards. 

Rules for Registration 

  • Registration Deadline must be clear to all players.
  • Registration process must be clear to all players. 
  • Registration Deadline must be no more than 21 days before the Day 1 of the event. 
  • Registration fees and surcharges must be clear to all players. 
  • Players that register for a USATT event will receive credit to future USATT event if they choose to withdraw for any reason. No holding of funds without credit or refund is permitted. 
  • Registration fees gain entry into the tournament, other fees could be assessed to players varying on venue and circumstances.
  • Parking 
  • Food
  • Amenities
  • Beverage
  • Varying circumstances and situations will determine any extra costs to players. 
  • Registration fees are not guaranteed to qualify for refund or credit if player does not show for their first match or match #1. 
  • All event registrations must go through the website. 


  • Player entry lists must be made available to players.
  • Player entry lists must be posted on event website. 
  • Player withdraws must be posted on website.
  • Player statuses must be posted on the website (Qualifying, Main Draw, Alternate) 
  • All USATT events are digital events, not guaranteed to have info posted at site. 

Before the Event

  • Draws must be posted within 4 days of Day 1 of the event. 
  • Seeds must be posted within 5 days of Day 1 of the event.
  • Match times and schedule must be posted within 3 days of Day 1 of the event. 
  • Players can withdraw from the event with no penalty if they do so 21 days or more before the event. 
  • All relevant tournament information must be provided to players in anticipation of the event.
  • Player accommodations must be made clearly available to players, if any. 

Event Check In

  • Players are required to fill out player waivers and information forms.
  • Players must be given all relevant tournaments information in person by event staff. 
  • Players must be given all paper info, coupons, and printed material upon check in.
  • Players must receive their player gift, upon check in, if any. 

Event Player Relations 

  • Players must be given up to 2 hours rest AFTER a SINGLES MATCH , before their NEXT SINGLES MATCH. This number increases to 3 hours if Match #1 was over 2.5 hours. 
  • Players must be given up to 1.5 hours rest before a SINGLES MATCH after a DOUBLES MATCH. This number increases to 2 hours if the DOUBLES MATCH was over 2.5 hours. 
  • Players must be given a warning for any offense by a official. They must be made aware of the perceived offense. 
  • Players can seek a second opinion on appropriate calls or judgments. 
  • Players have right to privacy from public and media and this must be recognized and observed. 
  • Player Council Representation at each event is a right instilled into the USATT by players, for players. Player Councils are to be attempted to actively built per event/tournament, in and for good faith in event integrity.


  • Spectators are not to engage in disorderly conduct.
  • Spectators are to obey crowd control measures. 
  • No player or spectator can be harassed. 
  • Security has the right to remove spectators if anyone violates rules, regulations or standards.