Tour Policies

Dress Code Policy

  • Must wear tennis appropriate clothing at all times.
  • Must wear tennis shoes, not running shoes.
  • Must not wear shoes that damage the tennis court.
  • Must adhere to venue and tournament individual Dress Code Policies and Rules.
  • Dress codes will be made clear per event, if any.

Rules & Regulations : Tennis – The Code Policy

All players must adhere to The Code.


All players must adhere to the TIU standards and regulations, including but not limited to; Substance Rules, Sportsmanship, Coaching Regulations and more. THE USATT is a equal opportunity tour and all matches are sanctioned by the organization and must be conducted in a fair matter at all times.

Historic Tennis Tradition Practices Policy

THE USATT believes in historic tennis traditions, the game was designed in such a perfect way, and we believe in preserving that practice in regards to scoring, draws, event management and the way the sport is conducted.

  • Full 3rd Set
  • Tiebreak at 6-6
  • Win by 2
  • New Balls
  • Rest Periods
  • Match Per Day Maximums
  • & more!

Code of Conduct

All players, organizers, actors must adhere to our Code of Conduct Policy.

This policy will encompass all events.

All must treat everyone with respect, act in a way that represents the USATT in the best possible light.

The USATT COC POLICY will be unveiled soon. Check back later for more information!

Non Bias Decree Policy

The tour and organization is committed to the NBDP, stating that no person or entity shall be preferred or shown bias in any way, and all will be treated equally.

Non-Binary Athlete Policy

Men’s Singles

All athletes must disclose non-binary status and submit to the NBAP.

Transitioned born-females must show 1 year of documented status and 3 tests of Testosterone levels below the normal levels for the average male.

Women’s Singles

All athletes must disclose non-binary status and submit to the NBAP.

Transitioned born-males must show 1 year of documented status and 3 tests of Estrogen levels below the normal levels for the average female.

Prize Money Policy

Prize money will be sent to players 3-14 days after the event they won proze money in.

Prize money is set individually per event.

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy will be unveiled soon, check back later for more information.

Venue Policy

All venues must adhere to the Venue Policy, being unveiled later this year. Check back later for more information!

Independent Contractor Policy

Players Rights on the Tour

Players Rights in Tournaments

Umpire & Referee Policies

Vendor Policies

Entertainment & Entertainer Policies

Equal Player Code

  • – USATT adheres to the (EPC) which states that each player will be treated independently and as equals, creating a bias free tour, which is in line with our Fair Play values.

Ambush Marketing Policy

  • – USATT practices (AMP) compliant operations and policy implementation to protect the circuit and its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, partners and others associated with the circuit.
  • – USATT does this to protect the brand and assure all impressions and opinions that are derived at our events and presence, are of USATT approved sponsors and advertisers, and all causes, logos, and beliefs depicted are in line with our core values and standards.
  • The following (AMP) compliant policies are subject to be in affect at all USATT EVENTS:
  • – Any player or spectator attire must not depict any religious or political stance or any racially insensitive material.
  • – No unsanctioned solicitation of spectators or players, all soliciting is to be conducted by event vendors, advertisers and sponsors.
  • Check back later for more (AMP) policies and operational strategies.