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Tennis – The Code Policy

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Equal Player Code

  • – USATT adheres to the (EPC) which states that each player will be treated independently and as equals, creating a bias free tour, which is in line with our Fair Play values.

Ambush Marketing Policy

  • – USATT practices (AMP) compliant operations and policy implementation to protect the circuit and its affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, partners and others associated with the circuit.
  • – USATT does this to protect the brand and assure all impressions and opinions that are derived at our events and presence, are of USATT approved sponsors and advertisers, and all causes, logos, and beliefs depicted are in line with our core values and standards.
  • The following (AMP) compliant policies are subject to be in affect at all USATT EVENTS:
  • – Any player or spectator attire must not depict any religious or political stance or any racially insensitive material.
  • – No unsanctioned solicitation of spectators or players, all soliciting is to be conducted by event vendors, advertisers and sponsors.
  • Check back later for more (AMP) policies and operational strategies.

Family & Medical Leave Policies

  • USATT IS FMLA Adherent and Compliant.
  • USATT is compliant with all federal employment legislation like the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans With Disabilities Act in the United States, and the Employment Standards Act of BC in Canada, set out the minimum requirements of employers with respect to many of these policies.

Leave Policies List:

  1. – Statutory Holidays: government-recognized holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  2. – Vacation: scheduled time away from work to rest and relax.
  3. – Medical / Sick Leave: time away from work due to illness or hospitalization.
  4. – Family Leave: related to the care, health, or education of a family member.
  5. – Parental Leave: time for a birth parent to care for a newborn.
  6. – Bereavement Leave: related to the death of a family member.
  7. – Leave of Absence: extended, unpaid time away from work for personal reasons. 

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