Clock & Time Standards

Bathroom Policy

During play, the clock will begin after permission is granted.

2:30  | 2 minutes and 30 seconds for Bathroom Break.

Warning after 3;00

Point Penalty at 3:15

Point penalty at 3:45

Point penalty at 4:30

Game penalty at 5:00

Game penalty at 8:00

Time Between Points Policy

25 seconds between points is standard.

Time Between Games Policy

90 second break in-between changeovers. Time between games is minimum 30 seconds but is also servers pace. Returning player has minimum 30 seconds between games.

Time Between Sets Policy

2 minute set break.

Time Between Matches Policy

Check back later for the updated policy on matches after completing matches that day, whether singles or doubles.


Limit 3 medial time outs per set.
2nd and 3rd medical time outs must be approved by a USATT official.
Medical time outs are 3 minutes maximum.

Coaching POLICY

On-Court – Check back later for the on court coaching policy.

off-Court – Check back later for the off court coaching policy.