Clock & Time Standards

Bathroom Policy

During play, the clock will begin after permission is granted.

2:30  | 2 minutes and 30 seconds for Bathroom Break.

Warning after 3;00

Point Penalty at 3:15

Point penalty at 3:45

Point penalty at 4:30

Game penalty at 5:00

Game penalty at 8:00

Time Between Points Policy

25 seconds between points is standard.

Time Between Games Policy

90 second break in-between changeovers. Time between games is minimum 30 seconds but is also servers pace. Returning player has minimum 30 seconds between games.

Time Between Sets Policy

2 minute set break.

Time Between Matches Policy

Check back later for the updated policy on matches after completing matches that day, whether singles or doubles.


3 Minutes Allotted per MTO.

Limit 3 medial time outs per set. The first MTO can be taken without Official Permission. But an officials needs to be alerted they are taking one to begin the clock.
2nd and 3rd medical time outs must be approved by a USATT official.
Medical time outs are 3 minutes maximum.

Medical Time Outs 

3 minute MTO

2nd and 3rd MTO must be approved by a Official. 

Limit 3 per set. 

Limit 2 per set in 3rd set. 



Event Scheduling 

When running & or managing events;

Management should know the USATT Policy for scheduling mandates that: 

All times listed on match reports or draws are designated as & are “NOT BEFORE” times. 

Schedule Requests:

Want to request to apply for avoidance requests? Please send a email to:

We can work around your schedule, have a SAT? Have a wedding? We will work around what you have going on! Email us the details!