USATT is actively accepting Official Sponsor applications for all of the 2024 season.

Sponsor the tour to be a part of this one of a kind tennis initiative!

Inquire about sponsorship by emailing LUKEHARDEN2@gmail.com


The USATT will solicit and accept sponsors and sponsorships for the tour, events and programs. Sponsors will play a vital role in prize money collection, event revenue, and profit. 

Local Sponsors 

Local sponsors in cities where events are held will be acquired that will advertise those businesses and organizations to the local community. 


Regional sponsors will be approached to sponsor the organization and events. 


National sponsors or nationwide companies will be invited to sponsor events and programs to highlight their business or organization. 


International brands like Amazon, Apple, American Express and others will be approached to spread brand awareness and get their logos out internationally. 

Tennis Brands & Companies

Reaching out to sponsors like Big names like Tennis Express, Tennis.com, Wilson, Head will be important relationships to develop as their sponsorship would be received well by the tennis community. 

Technical Sponsor  

The type of benefit for the technical sponsor will be exposure and client recruitment. 

Targeted use of funds will allow us to get more users and influencers from the top 10,000 high performance tennis players globally.

Sponsor space will be sold on a circuit wide basis, this could be for events, a program, tournaments, series’, and more.

Sponsor the organization, the tour, a brand or project, or a individual event or event series!

Gain brand awareness by attaching your business’ name to USATT events that will circulate through the tennis community worldwide.

Sponsor a tournament today, help the next generation of players reach their dreams!