No match is official without a USATT official starting the match with explaining the rules and scoring, asking if they have any questions, performing the coin toss, and determining sides.

Tournament officials will make towel information, amenities information, take player requests and concerns, and get the match underway, and announce the length of warmup (5 minutes)

Match Coin Toss 

No match is official to start with out a USATT official doing a coin toss, explaining the rules and the scoring and taking a formal picture of the players at the net, please check in at the desk and await instructions from the Director on what your court assignment is and they will tell you that the official will be right behind you. 


A photo is also taken of players before the match, at the net, together and sometimes separate as well.


USATT also conducts pre tournament and match conferences and interviews, post match interviews, and produces event content. Players will be pulled aside to do interviews, segments, answer questions, and more. Players will also sometimes be in the presence of media, fans and other individuals who might want autographs and or to ask questions, take pictures and etc.

Player & Coaches Interviews & Post Match Press Conferences

Player Interviews 

Please be ready to do your pre tournament and pre match interview before matches, at random, we appreciate your support! 

Coaches Interviews 

We’d love to interview your coach as well, let us know if your coach is available!!