The APX Tour Is for the recreational player, the club player, coming to a court near you!

The APX Tour or better known as the Perfect Experience Tour is a tennis tour for the social club player!

APX Tour hosts community events that feature live music, entertainment, food and beverage, social tennis and round robin/ mix around play in a fun non stress environment!

Play tennis with a fruit table on court, play tennis with a live local band playing blues behind you, dance and enjoy the fun while you eat food from the event vendors!

Dinner and a show? You can bet on it! These events bring tennis enthusiasts together to enjoy the game, and overall, the experience.

Social Mixers, clinics, cardio tennis, and so much more will encompass these events! These events will be for the non-competitive athletes! These events are all designed around a good time or better said on the APX TOUR, a perfect experience!

Enjoy tennis and networking and good fun at some of the best tennis venues in the country and socialize and meet with other tennis fanatics, meet celebrities, play with the pros and much more!

The sky is the limit with the APX TOUR!