USA TENNIS TOUR believes in real tennis, no, not the indoor sport, but REAL tennis how it should be played! Tennis was designed and created as a beautiful sport, and has changed over the years. These changes have made tennis the best sport in the world with one of the most simple but competitive scoring systems in the world of sports. Back in the 1800’s, no tiebreaks were in existence, they played it out every set. As tennis went on, they created things like the tiebreaker at 6-6, and win by 2 in the final set. This is our favorite version of tennis because the scoring doesn’t favor one player or the other, such as 10-point tiebreakers and other short scoring formats.

USATT Implements Traditional Play & Scoring

USATT believes in the Historical Tradition of tennis and how it was designed to be played. That is why all singles matches encompass traditional 2 out of 3 sets scoring. All USATT matches have traditional full 3 set scoring, if a tournament has 10-pointers for the 3rd, you can’t rest assured that it’s not a USATT event. Players work their lives, some of them day in and day out to reach their potentials and goals in tennis. It’s the least we can do to provide a traditional tennis platform for them to compete on. It goes without saying that on the USATT, you can truly play at your HIGHEST level.

Scoring Format

  • Tiebreak at 6-6 in every set, read further for latter round scoring formats.
    • Win by 2 in all tiebreaks and other sensible scenarios.
    • No ten point tiebreakers are to be played.
      • Traditional scoring to be used at all times.
        NO-AD is never to be implemented.
        No short scoring is to be implemented at any time.
        2 out of 3 sets, tiebreak at 6-6 in each set.
    • In semifinal matches, the 3rd set tiebreak would be played at 7-7.
    • In championship matches, the 3rd set tiebreak would be player at 8-8.


All matches will be best of 3 sets with regular scoring. 

In USA TENNIS TOUR matches, the semifinals third set tiebreak is played at 7-7, and the final third set tiebreak is played at 8-8. 

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™️ HTTP ™️ the Historical Tennis Traditions Practice , is the USATT commitment to implement traditions that are rooted in tennis history, such as win by 2 and not using 10 point tiebreaks in singles.

History of tennis scoring proves that tennis is a Gentlemen’s Game and is enjoyed at all corners of the world, USATT is a strong believer we shall not tarnish the game with any of the short scoring or “get the match over with” types of practices, tennis was built right, we shall not attempt to reinvent the wheel.