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USA TENNIS TOUR developed our own Ranking System to award and recognize players for their success and accomplishments. The USATT awards ranking points per event, per player, per round based on event results.

The USATT has several levels or “circuits” that award different numbers of ranking points depending on skill level of the event.

The rankings are updated the day or two after each event, so make sure to check out the rankings after you compete! The rankings will determine tournament seeding, and tournament qualification for events like the Year End Tournament.

Players currently do not have to defend ranking points under the USATT Ranking System.

The USATT recognizes Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles as categories of Men’s and Women’s Rankings.

Our Own Ranking System

We have put together our own ranking system, so after each event, players will be ranked on the Men’s or Women’s USA TENNIS TOUR! 

The top 8-32 players at the end of the year will be invited to the Year End Tournament and get a chance to compete for the Top Slot on the USA Tennis Tour! 

There will be perks for players ranked higher at all types of USA Tennis Tour tournaments , they will be invited to special venues and events, and much more! 

We are creating something independent!

Ranking Points Distribution 

Pinnacle Circuit

Champion – 2500 pts

Runner Up – 1750 pts 

Semifinals- 900 pts 

Quarterfinals- 700 pts 

Round of 16- 500 pts 

3rd Round – 300 pts 

2nd Round – 200 pts 

1st Round Played – 100 pts 

Champions Circuit

Champion – 1000 pts

Runner Up- 400 pts 

Semifinalists- 150 pts 

Quarterfinalists – 100 pts

Round of 16 – 70 pts 

2nd Round – 40 pts 

1st Rd Play – 25 pts 

Elite Circuit

Champion – 400 pts 

Runner Up- 200 pts 

Semifinalists – 80 pts 

Quarterfinalists- 40 pts 

1st Rd Play – 10 pts 

Premier Circuit 

Champion – 280 pts

Runner Up – 150 pts

Semifinalists – 65 pts

Quarterfinalists – 30 pts

1st Rd Play – 5 pts

Legends Circuit 

Champion – 140 pts

Runner Up – 80 pts 

Semifinalists – 45 pts 

Quarterfinalists – 25 pts

1st Rd Play – 15 pts 

Progress Circuit 

Champion – 105 pts 

Runner Up- 65 pts 

Semifinalists- 35 pts 

Quarterfinals- 20 pts 

Round of 16 – 5 pts 

Qualifying Round 2- 3 pts 

Qualifying Round 1 – 1 pt 

All Star Circuit 

Champion – 80 pts 

Runner Up – 35 pts 

Semifinalists – 25 pts 

Quarterfinalists – 10 pts 

1st Rd Play – 5 pts