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™️ Players Box ™️ is where Players will find paid opportunities, positions, and ways to get involved on the tour, and find resources and tips provided to them by USATT.

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Player Resources

Players will find Travel Tips, Money Saving Strategies, City by City Recommendations, Vendor and Provider Lists, and more.

USATT is here to help!

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Become a Promoter

Become a USATT Promoter & join the Promotion Team!


  1. You get assigned a code, example ”George25”
  2. You spread the word of events & programs and encourage players to register using your code!
  3. You get paid when they use your code!


  1. Monthly Compensation
  2. Monetize your Social Media


We are actively seeking brand ambassadors for the 2022/23 season.


Learn more about our Faces of the USATT initiative! Check back later for more information.


Membership is open to:

  • all tennis communities worldwide.
  • players of all ages and playing abilities.
  • qualified coaches of all levels.
  • tennis academy and other related business owners.
  • parents and fans of all ages.

Coop.Tennis or “Players Corner” 


(Reads and sounds like CoOP dot tennis)

Membership is open to all tennis communities worldwide.

Players of all ages and playing abilities.

Qualified coaches of all levels.

Tennis Academy and other related business owners.

Parents and fans of all ages can join.

Membership is open to all tennis players, coaches, instructors, trainers, and tennis actors worldwide.

Players of all ages and playing abilities can join, it is not exclusively for the USATT PRO CIRCUIT & SemiPro Tour.

Qualified coaches of all levels can join to support their players, receive player entry fee discounts, and more .

Tennis Academy and other related business owners can join to qualify their players for benefits and perks. 

Parents and fans of all ages can join for discounted tickets, merch, and more.

In regard, I would like to introduce to you an international tennis membership concept called CO OP dot tennis 

(written as or COOP.TENNIS) which we have been developing for some time.

All players on the USA Tennis Tour and all attendees at the tennis workshops would automatically become free level Bronze members of COOP.Tennis. 

The 4 R’s 


  • revenue 
  • rebates 
  • rewards 
  • recognition 

Players become Members 

All USA TENNIS TOUR memberships will include 1 year Bronze Membership to Coop.Tennis. 

All USA Tennis Tour players will be invited to be members of our cost reduction program we are unveiling this month. 

This will get them discounts on hotels, food, travel, tournament registration fees and much more. 

Players Corner or COOP.Tennis 

is a co-op program by 


that will provide benefits and opportunities to tennis players and individuals that either

1. Play high level high performance tennis

2. Have a lot of tennis contacts 

3. Have big social media followings 

4. Can influence players, spectators and sponsors to participate in the event

5. Is looking for more ways to make money to fund their career 

6. Are able to get the word out to players of their level, lower & higher. 

This co-op is meant for INDIVIDUALS, (players, coaches, directors, etc.) 

Memberships entail Commitment to:

  • Seasonal Membership
  • 3 month commitment or Annual Membership


  • There is less play in Dec,Jan,Feb 
  • When college players go back to school or when they get out for summer break 
  • When college coaches require them to participate in tournaments during off season 

Benefits to Members of CoOp.Tennis 

1 year of Bronze Membership compensated to players 

= free newsletter & full access to member’s area & events calendar

= register for upcoming events & pay entry fees & purchase tickets

= 20% discount on all listed events (includes USA Tennis Tour for example)

= includes a paid UTR power subscription (value $100 per year)

= includes a paid TPP Tennis Player Profile (value $120 per year)

= includes a paid ITF annual IPIN (value $100 per year)

= includes $300 Appearance fee per year guarantee at one USA Tennis Tour event

= Corporate Ambassador earnings & rebates scale

Opportunities to Make Money & Reduce Costs

Strings & Gear



Discounts & Deals

Appearance Money for Seeded & Popular Players Opportunities 

Coop.Tennis members are available to receive appearance fees for playing events. 


  • on food
  • Transportation
  • accommodations at events 
  • & much more 

Players Decide Forum

  • Players will be able to choose the best DATE, LOCATION, COURT SURFACE, prize money, etc. 
  • Players will be able to help form the USA TENNIS TOUR SCHEDULE. 
  • Finding out where they want to play, and making it happen. 
  • The tour was designed for players, by players. 

Player’s Guild 

Through the Players Guild, we will be assembling a group of skilled, interesting, talented players to travel to our tournaments whether by group or by individual, and being the “entertainment, star-power” at the events.

These highly ranked and or highly skilled players will be paid appearance fees to show up to tournaments, participate in



Meet & Greets

Autograph Signing

PLAY with the Pros,

Breakfast with Champions

& other Events



A PLAYERS group through USA Tennis Tour

Player benefits, player perks. 

Players matter! 

VIP Treatment at Events 

What is COOP.Tennis ?

Pronounced Co-Op dot Tennis , is a players group that players sign up for that saves them time and money on the tennis tournament journey through the USA TENNIS TOUR.

Players sign up for what ever category they want, and this monthly subscription fee varies based on the number of perks and benefits you get.

Registration fee discounts at tournaments, hotel and food discounts, transportation assistance, gear and equiptment support, training & practicing benefits, academy and program access, and much more.

We are focused on Cost-Reduction and Time-Reduction

Costly and time consuming! Traveling, training, practicing, missing school, it all is overwhelming at times, we’re here to help. We want your experience at USA TENNIS TOUR events to be immaculate, this is why we have created a program that will not only allow us to help players, but allows players to help each-other. 

Another part of Coop.Tennis is putting players together to help each other and support through their different and sometimes the same journey. 

Players can practice before matches, become friends and travel together, go to lunch after matches together, we want to create a family through USA TENNIS TOUR. 

Players Group 

Also, a players forum to communicate with each-other will be created. Also, players and coaches can trade or sell equiptment to each-other. Players switch Racquets and equipment all the time, why not help each-other out ? 

Also a forum to let the players decide, 

Where the tournament will be 

When the tournament will be 

How much prize money / appearance money 

Court Surface 

Draw size 

& more 

We will ask you to vote on events, tournaments, programs, initiatives and more. 

Your voice matters. 

Players matter! 

Academies and Venues 

Training and practicing with players that will challenge you can be tough to find.

Through Coop.Tennis we will be able to help players find places to train / live / practice for weeks – months. 

For example, a academy might contact us that they need 2-3 male players (UTR 10+) to be hitting partners and come train at their academy for 2 months. 

We would then find players looking for a opportunity like this! 

Lodging and food and etc. 

Things that are required when traveling and when not, are all on our mind in these ventures, we know how hard it can be to Find the right environment to practice play and live while trying to be a college or professional tennis player. 

Benefits through Coop.Tennis 

Registration fee discounts 

Hotel and food discounts 

Entertainment Discounts 

Gear and Equipment Assistance 

Clothing & Apparel Support

Academy and Programs Access

Training and Practice Assistance 

Travel and Transportation Assistance 

& more!

Co-Op Program Categories





Small Business


Elite VIP

Basic – UTR MEMBERSHIP & 10% off Registration 

Primary – UTR MEMBERSHIP & 15% off Registration 

Corporate Memberships

Individuals with LLC’s, INC’s can purchase corporate memberships. This will be similar to the benefits players receive, but also they will receive things like grounds tickets at events, VIP box seats, preferred treatment at events, food and beverage vouchers and more. 

They can also get advertising at the event. 

Why be a member?

Example Members get a 2day boost to sign up for events 

Discount on entry fees 

Discounts on hotel stays 

Discounts on food 

Transportation accommodations at events 

And much more 

You will serve as Promoters, Influencers , Brand Ambassadors for USA Tennis Tour

You can get paid to get more people involved! 

History of Coop.Tennis designed by Noel P Walsh

Background Information 

is an online platform cooperative for freelance and independent tennis contractors coaches and players and others.

Background Information 
Online platform cooperatives and freelancer cooperatives are mutually complementary. If they can gain sufficient traction, both could empower freelancers and independent workers to control and manage their economic destinies. They could help overcome years of stagnant wages, gutting of the safety net, and declining job quality and underemployment, and provide new incentives that foster a more broadly shared prosperity.
Cooperatives for self-employed workers.

Besides on-line platform cooperatives, there is another typology of cooperative that has great relevance for precarious workers today. Business and Employment Cooperatives (BEC) could play a key role for freelancers and solo self-employed workers.

In France, a business and employment cooperative is know as a Cooperative d’Activités et d’Emploi (CAE). The CAE is a cooperative to help the self-employed secure support for their occupations. Members of a CAE avoid going it alone by becoming employees of the co-op, legally speaking, which results in greater worker rights. Co-op services provided to CAE members include affordable workspaces, office services, invoicing and debt collection (for customers that refuse to pay), help with marketing, low-cost insurance and a collective system for securing sickness and benefit payments from the government.


In addition, because CAE enterprises are considered a startup, they qualify for subsidies provided by the French government and the EU. One such CAE is Coopaname, founded in 2004 in France, which has more than 850 members including craftspeople, freelancers and service providers. It is a co-op for those working alone or in co-operative groups and delivers assistance to members at various stages of their development. Coopaname provides for a range of economic and service needs, and it offers all members the opportunity to integrate co-operatively. Members of the co-op are paid partial salaries based on the revenue that their business is earning, as well as provided social protection benefits. They are in effect employees of the CAE, which helps these freelancers and entrepreneurs to succeed by providing some of the infrastructure as well as legal protection of a traditional employer. In return, the CAE receives 10% of the gross revenue earned by those working under its umbrella. In this way, freelance entrepreneurs can be „independent without being independent.“

The CAE model has expanded in France to become a national network of 72 local cooperatives employing more than 5000 entrepreneurs. In different localities, the CAE often operate almost like guilds by specializing in a particular trade sector, such as Coopénates, which specializes in home care services, Artenréel, which works with regional artistic and cultural workers, and Antigone, which works with a variety of self-employed workers.

Get involved with Coop.Tennis today! Email us at