WORK WITH US, partner with the USA TENNIS TOUR.

Now accepting partners for the 2024 season.


Partnerships with other brands, businesses, entities, individuals, organizations, and projects make the tour grow and expand into what we want to be!

We are looking to work with and collaborate with companies, individuals, organizations, associations, & initiatives.

The possibilities are endless with USA TENNIS TOUR, reach out to us today.

The USA TENNIS TOUR is eager to partner to present events, promotions, business to business opportunities, and more.


Local Small Businesses 

Restaurants, hotels, and other small business collaborations in local areas will increase player and member perks and amenities, and open doors for sponsors and advertising partners & more! 

Airbnbs, & Hotels will be excellent partners for decreasing costs for players and spectators as well as developing partnership where players purchase everything in their registration fee (hotel, transportation, meals).

Partnering with Cracker Barrel, Moe’s, & other National Chains will be beneficial for players and spectators as those locations are usually in every state. This national coverage is important! 

Chambers of Commerce Collaborations 

Collaboration with local municipalities, cities and counties will help with event promotion, local involvement, sponsors, partners, donations and more. These partnerships will partner with local businesses and boost operations in cities and areas. 

Small Business Administrations, Chambers of Commerce and Tourism Initiatives will benefit the tour and the communites it operates in. 

Transportation Collaborations

Partnerships with airlines, rental car companies, bus and van lines & other transportation services will benefit the players. Players will be able to arrange travel to attend tournaments, events and programs, increasing revenue & participation. 

These partnerships will also help with Cost Reduction & Time Reduction:

  • Travel 
  • Food 
  • Lodging 
  • Equipment 
  • & more! 

Tennis Brand Partnership Strategy 

Partnering with large tennis brands that are interested in product placement, brand exposure, and competitive marketing will build the USATT to improve numbers, amenities, promotion, marketing and advertising and more. 


Submit your interest in Partner Information by emailing our Partner Liasion.

Partner Liasion