Equal Pay

Non Discriminatory

The USATT is dedicated to a non discriminatory environment, workplace, & circuit.

Human Rights on Tour

Adherence to:

• The Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

• The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;

• The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; and

• The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental

Principles and Rights at Work.23

[The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two Covenants are commonly referred to collectively as the International Bill of Human Rights.]

Salaried Employee & Staff Rights 

OVERTIME for Salaried Employees — Without Comp Time

If ANY salaried employees work ANY overtime they ARE ENTITLED to be able to take time off 1 PERSONAL DAY PER OVERTIME DAYS WORKED, without dipping into their vacation or personal time banks. OVERTIME IS ANY hours worked over 40 hours per week in a 7-day span. 

Open Transfer Policy 

Often referred to as “ Internal Transfers Approved by Managers “ , this policy would normally create an environment where the employee feels restricted or deterred from moving departments or job roles within the company. 

Employees who want to move from one department to another, will not be required to get their current manager’s approval on a transfer to another department. USATT is creating a environment where staff can grow and reach their full potential, without hurdles to jump through. 

Reference Independence Decree & NON DEFAMATORY POLICY 

Commonly known as the, “ Stance Against No-References Policy “ , Many employers have installed policies prohibiting their managers from giving past employees professional references — we do not have this policy, but we continue to have a strong NON DEFAMATORY POLICY. No player, coach, employee, independent contractor or actor on the USA TENNIS TOUR may defame the circuit, business or any player, person, entity or sponsor. 

This decrees that managers and supervisors can offer references for past employees, but must retain and abide by a Stong NON DEFAMATORY POLICY. 

Proof of Death Policy 

USATT will never request or require employees, staff or contractors to prove, by means of a death certificate, that a loved one passed on. This will never be required to be paid for bereavement leave, or any other purpose.

The USATT is creating a workforce that trusts and supports one another, especially through grief. 

The Company will never ask for a love one’s death records for confirmation purposes in regards to paid leave or similar.