Bridgepointe $1K – Sep 24-25 2022 – Louisville, KY, USA


Seeds | Mens Open Singles

1. Sam Gurevich
2. Anthony Lefevers

Seeds | Mens Open Doubles

1. Anthony Lefevers/ Shray Parekh

Registration Deadline: September 21 11:59PM ET

Late entries can contact: LUKEHARDEN2@GMAIL.COM

Entry List:

Official Entry List

Men’s Open Singles:
1. Alex Horn
2. Anthony Lefevers

3. Luke Harden

4. Shray Parekh

5. Moorthy Krishnan
6. Amitabh Suman
7. Micheal Vick
8. Sam Gurevich

Men’s Open Doubles

1. Shray Parekh/ Anthony Lefevers
2. Bala Hirthik/ Moorthy Krishnan
3. Amitabh Suman/ Luke Harden

Pickleball Men’s Singles

1. Anthony Lefevers
2. Luke Harden
3. Bala Hirthik

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Hi players, all matches moved to EP TOM SAWYER STATE-PARK : E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park
3000 Freys Hill Rd
Louisville, KY 40241
United States

Thank you and sorry for the change of venue.

Event is still hard courts.

Singles 2 out of 3

Doubles 2 out of 3 , NO – AD , 10 pt tiebreak for the 3rd Set.


Hi Players,

Bridgepointe 2022 Draw and Match Times have been posted. Find them on


Congratulations to Sam Gurevich, 2022 Kentucky Tennis Open Men’s Singles Champion


Sam Gurevich & Micheal Vick, 2022 Kentucky Tennis Open Doubles Champions


Congratulations to Anthony Lefevers, 2022 Kentucky Pickleball Open Champion for Men’s Singles!

Match Schedule Report

Check Draw.

2022 Bridgepointe USA TENNIS TOUR Singles & Doubles Open
Champions Circuit Event
1000 Ranking Points

Sep. 24-25, 2022

Louisville, KY

Prize Money Purse: $1,000.00

Pricing is per player. Doubles players each must register and pay the registration fee.

This tournament is in part; raising money for Friends of Lakebottom Fund, which is raising funds for the revitalization and improvements to the tennis courts at Lakebottom Park!

The proceeds go to the fund! Donate or participate! Sponsor the event! Get involved, volunteer! Spread word!

Saturday- Monday event, come out and enjoy!

Spectator tickets $5 for this event! Your donation helps us!


Warm up courts for players available starting Friday September 23rd! Contact Luke 706-405-9692 to reserve a court.


Looking For Doubles Partner?
Contact me at 706-405-9692 if your interested in playing with a partner.

Official Ball:


Official Surface: Hard

Court Rules Regulations, Official Draw Posted:

Please do not damage the tennis court.

Draws Posted

Draws posted September 22 2:30 PM ET

Prize Money:

Men’s Open Singles:
Current Purse: $150

Champion: $100

Runner Up: $50

Semifinalists: $0

Quarterfinalists: $0

Round of 16: $0

Men’s Open Doubles
Current Purse: $50

Champion: $30

Runner Up: $20

Semifinalists: $0

Quarterfinalists: $0

Round of 16: $0

Looking for a doubles partner?
Contact the tournament director at 706-405-9692.


There is parking available.

Warm Up Courts Available for Players & their Coaching Staff.

All match times are NOT BEFORE times. You may go on after your scheduled time, but not before.

By playing this tournament, you are assuming all risk And agree not to hold USA TENNIS TOUR, 21Ace Tennis Events LLC or Bridgepointe Swim & Tennis Club responsible for any civil matter.

Please arrive on time for your matches and don’t make me call you!

Tournament Information & Rules and Regulations

Coaching No coaching after 1st game of any set. Coaching permitted at the fence with your coach or team. Coaches allowed on court only in between sets. No coaches allowed on court during play. No coaching during play. No hand signals. Point penalty and code violations for breaking any rule.


Doubles : 2 out of 3 with 10 point for the 3rd – NO AD.

Singles – 2 out of 3 sets

Semis- 3rd Set tiebreak at 7-7

Final – 3rd Set tiebreak at 8-8

Spectators Donation

All fees go toward prize money and helping decrease costs for players. $20 Family $5 Individual Comes with drinks and snacks provided. Covid-19 Hand sanitizer available Social distancing in place Please wear mask when possible Stay safe players! bring your own chairs, water bottles, PPE, to be extra safe! No requirements.


New balls for the 3rd Set.

Semifinal and Final Ball Rule Implementation May Be In Affect

Code of Conduct & Dress Code

Please use all caution and behave in best practices that reflect the USA TENNIS TOUR’s love for the sport. Please no running shoes or non tennis shoe that could damage the tennis court. This is a clay court event, clay court shoes preferred. Please do not damage the courts or areas. Please refrain from wearing non appropriate tennis attire & shoes.

Awards & Accolades

Nominate players for the following awards with prizes to the winner! “BEST DRESSED” “Sportsmanship Award” “The Tree” “Best Form” “Best Serve” “Biggest Weapon” submit your entries at the Tournament Desk!

Check In & Registration

Try to come check in Friday a couple hours before your first match, fill out paperwork and get your player gift, and check out the facility! Players, please be there in time to do your PRE MATCH interview, Tournament Press Conference, Tournament Media & get your personal warm up done, use the bathroom & be ready to play. Try to check in at the desk 15-30 minutes before your scheduled match time at least so we can know you’re there! We can get the court ready, and get everything prepared for your match to start!

Match Coin Toss

No match is official to start with out a USATT official doing a coin toss, explaining the rules and the scoring and taking a formal picture of the players at the net, please check in at the desk and await instructions from the Director on what your court assignment is and they will tell you that the official will be right behind you.

5 Minute Warm Up

All matches will use a 5 minute warm up, so try to do your personal warm up and hit some balls before you check in!

Referee On Site

Tournament umpire on site for disputes if needed. Contact the director or wave your hand in the air with intent and call for Referee.

Trainer on Site

Trainer / Physio on site for minor injuries and medical needs.

Medical time Outs

3 minute MO. 2nd and 3rd MO must be approved by a Official. Limit 3 per set. Limit 2 per set in 3rd set.

Bathroom Policy

During play, the clock will begin after permission is granted.

2:30 (2 minutes and 30 seconds) Warning

after 3;00, Point Penalty

at 3:15, point penalty

at 3:45, point penalty

at 4:30, game penalty

at 5:00, game penalty

at 8:00, game penalty

at 10:00, default


Water and towels provided for players and snacks and amenities available. Need something? Just ask, we might can accommodate! Water Coolers on Court for Players Towels Available for Player Use Snacks for Players Spectators that use the snack table are encouraged to donate to the event! All donations benefit the players in tournaments to reduce costs!

Draws (Digital Event)

Check back later!

All draws on line. Some draws will be posted onsite as well.

Avoidance Requests

If you have any requests before or during the event, Send all info to Luke! 706-405-9692 Check In Get your player gift and check in to the event. Please check in before play!! So I know you’re there!

Player Interviews

Please be ready to do your pre tournament and pre match interview before matches, at random, we appreciate your support!

Coaches Interviews

We’d love to interview your coach as well, let us know if your coach is available!!


Main Draw Singles: 32

Main Draw Doubles: 16 Teams

Qualifying Singles: 16

Qualifying Doubles: 8 Teams

The Main Draw will consist of 25 Direct Acceptances, 4 qualifiers, 3 Wild Cards.
If more than 32 players register, there will be Qualifying Draws created and the main draw will be increased to a draw of 64.

To apply for a Wild Card – email

All matches will be best of 3 sets with regular scoring.

In USA TENNIS TOUR matches, the semifinals third set tiebreak is played at 7-7, and the final third set tiebreak is played at 8-8.

IMPORTANT Info: email to detail your level of play, former accolades, tournament wins, if you played college, etc.

If the venue has complications with COVID-19 and/or tournament entries have fewer than the minimum players needed, the event may be canceled, postponed to another date or deactivated entirely, all funds will be credited to the player in this rare case.


All Wild Cards must be approved by USATT. SELECTION WILL BE MADE THE TUESDAY BEFORE THE EVENT at the latest.


Late entries will go to the bottom of the alternate list, if there is one.

Refunds are applied for via emails only.

Schedule Requests:

To apply for avoidance requests , send a email to

Postponing: The tournament will be postponed if the number of players isn’t sufficient. Decision will be made accordingly.

Withdrawing All withdrawals PRIOR to the registration deadline must be submitted via email with a reason for withdrawing . Withdrawals AFTER the registration deadline must be made via email to with reasoning for not remaining in the tournament, and we will respond accordingly.

To withdraw to sign up for another tournament, find out more about our program to put you in a future USATT event.

SCORING FORMAT: All matches will be best of 3 sets with regular scoring.

Semifinal – 3rd set , tiebreak at 7-7

Final – 3rd set , tiebreak at 8-8

Early Registration Register early for discounts. Coming soon.


Bridgepointe Swim & Tennis Club

4910 Olde Creek Way
Lousiville, KY


Luke Harden

Tournament Director


Additional information


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Event Details

Date: September 24, 2022

Start time: 08:00 EDT

End time: 08:00 EDT

Venue: Bridgepointe Swim & Tennis Club

Directions: 4910 Olde Creek Way Louisville, KY 40059

Phone: 706-405-9692