Commitment to Improve More Than Just Tennis

Giving back is what we do and who we are.

Proudly supporting non-profits, causes and organizations that align with our core values and serve as our outlet to fulfill our ™️ Commitment to Improve More Than Just Tennis ™️ through giving back, donations and much more.

USATT raises money and donates to nonprofits, causes, and organizations that are in line with our core values.

Some of our values that we support are:

Medical Research

Hunger & Food Insecurity

Health & Safety

™️ BEYOND THE GAME ™️ focuses on off – court nonprofits, causes and ideas.


USATT has large charitable and generous initiatives to improve more than just tennis. USATT is dedicated to providing support for communities in need, humanitarian causes, world issues, and equality. Some issues closest to our core values include gender equality, equal pay, anti discrimination, Health, education, Environmental Justice, and more. 

USATT is dedicated to making the world a better place, playing our part wherever need be, and a commitment to be about more than pro tennis.

USA Tennis Tour is dedicated to raising funds, donating funds, starting organizations, tours, programs, funds, committees, and more to make our mark in making the world safer, cleaner, healthier, and better than it was before.