Join the ™️ Affiliates Promoter Program ™️ to use your NIL, and social media to make affiliate commissions when people sign up for events, tournaments, subscriptions, and more.
Promoters will use the Affiliate Program to earn money, credit and compensation for their promotion efforts. 

Event Promoter

Paid Event Promoter Information

You are assigned a code, example “Ashley9” 

Every time someone uses your code when registering, you will be paid.

This will be paid in cash, check, electronic pay app or similar no later than 10-21 days after the event.

Weekly, bi weekly,or gradual payments can be agreed to if requested.

Each promoter is to agree to a agreement contract which lays out there affiliate pay per registration, payment process and more.

There are all kinds of opportunities with USATT. We also have affiliate programs for recruiting sponsors, venues, other promoters, organizers and more!


Players on the USA TENNIS TOUR are eligible for a handful of paid opportunities outside of just earning prize money by winning tournaments! 

USATT players are open to participate in Affiliate Programs that will pay them commissions or affiliates or “awards” for bringing in commerce to the circuit. 

Players are able to earn a living outside of prize money by becoming Promoters, Recruiters, Ambassadors, Directors, Organizers, Executives, and other opportunities. 

Play tournaments and travel the tour while earning in your way of choice with promotion of events, advertising, recruitment of players, sponsors, coaches, partners, become a promoter or ambassador, become a director or executive and join the USATT Team! 

The opportunities are endless for players. 

We want players to be rewarded for their efforts and provide them a way to be financially independent throughout their tennis career. 

Inquire about joining our Promoter and or Affiliate program today, by contacting Luke Harden at


Affiliate Program 

How it Works

The USA TENNIS TOUR – Pros Affiliate Program is designed for men and women players that have ITF, WTA, or ATP ranking and ranking points, and regularly play pro tournaments and have a following online. 

Sponsor Money

Sponsors will be invited to join the program, which will advertise them at USATT events, but also will be tied to our professional players. Logos on clothing, hats, brand & product placement at interviews & press conferences, and social media shout-outs and placement. 

The athletes will be paid monthly, after signing contracts laying out requirements and expectations.