The USATT PRO CIRCUIT is designed for advanced players, former and current pros, top Juniors, UTR 6+, WTN 1-25, 4.5 USTA and above, and essentially the top 25,000 players in the world. BUT THE USATT has something for everyone! We also have events for lower level players, juniors, and mpre! Whether your playing tournaments, or just learning, or anything in between, theres a program, club, event, or circuit for you!

While the USATT is designed for the World’s Top 25,000 players, the USATT also offers other tours & sectors of events for lower rated players as well, juniors, seniors, recreational play, and more.


The USA TENNIS TOUR is not only a pathway to the pros, but a alternate circuit for the pros to use to gain match practice and experience, match scenarios and expand their opponent portfolio with more opponents that come from all corners of the tennis world. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR is a way to learn how the pro tour works, get accumulated to playing multiple events in a season and stay fit and prevent burn out when excelling to the next step in your tennis journey, the pros. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR is also a way to get accumulated and comfortable with the full third set and traditional play and scoring. While tennis is changing by the day, that remains. Players can play the USA TENNIS TOUR and get full 3 set matches, with the match tiebreaker being non-existent on the USA TENNIS TOUR. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR also allows coaching with certain standards and regulations during matches. Players can get used to being able to get coaching during matches. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR is also working on technology partnerships to bring technology into USATT tournaments when it comes to scoring, line calls, challenges, and more. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR will prepare players for the ranging technology and scoring and line call procedures at varying tournaments.

The USA TENNIS TOUR is a pathway to the pros also because 40+ players on tour are either current or former ITF, Challenger, WTA, and or ATP Players.

Playing these players will prepare players for that level, and give players an on court experience with tennis royalty! Playing the same tournaments as these great players will only improve your game and challenge yourself to new tennis heights to inspire the new generation of Tennis Royalty. 


The USA TENNIS TOUR is a men’s and women’s tennis circuit organization and tour. The tour is designed for semi professional, professional, advanced, collegiate, and high level players to compete in more tournaments and events. The USATT practices traditional tennis play and scoring, and runs all events with professionalism and respect to players. The USATT is a Players Tour, it was designed by players for players. The tour provides a circuit and play opportunities for the world’s Top 25,000 players. Not all players have a ranking or ability to play on the ITF, Challenger, WTA or ATP circuits, giving them a alternate tour to play high level professional tournaments, while making a living earning prize money, while also giving players that play professional and collegiate tennis to play extra tournaments and events to improve their game, earn prize money and train for pro events & their respective leagues and series’.


USA TENNIS TOUR Organizers will be able to run USATT events and tournaments, while adhering to USATT standards, giving organizers freedom to run their event while providing tools, resources, advice and other required assistance.

We are creating the USA Tennis Tour (USATT) as an interconnected network of local and regional tennis ecosystems which are linked by a common set of principles and guidelines intended to maximize opportunity and equity for players of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Individual organizers who join the network may set the details of their own events (entry fees, draw size and format, prize money, etc.) in alignment with the USATT Standards and Sanctioning platform.

The USATT holds tournaments, events, camps, training sessions, college recruiting events, showcases, and more.


THE USA TENNIS TOUR is a nation wide & international organization with a mission to develop a environment for everyone to thrive and reach their goals and potentials, and ultimately fulfill their dreams.


The USATT is a traditional circuit that believes in historic tennis traditions, rules and standards, such as scoring, sportsmanship, event management, match management, and respect for the game.


USA TENNIS TOUR events are prize money, open tournaments. Tournaments individually set the prize money. Players will earn prize money per round. We are providing a way for players to monetize their game and make a living traveling, playing on the ™️ USATT Pro Circuit & SemiPro Tour. ™️


Most tournaments offer singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Some events will encompass Wheelchair, Junior, Senior & Legends Divisions.


USATT has large charitable and generous initiatives to improve more than just tennis. USATT is dedicated to providing support for communities in need, humanitarian causes, world issues, and equality. Some issues closest to our core values include gender equality, equal pay, anti discrimination, Health, education, Environmental Justice, and more.

USATT is dedicated to making the world a better place, playing our part wherever need be, and a commitment to be about more than pro tennis.

USA Tennis Tour is dedicated to raising funds, donating funds, starting organizations, tours, programs, funds, committees, and more to make our mark in making the world safer, cleaner, healthier, and better than it was before.

ABOUT – Learn To Play

USATT is also dedicated to our ™️ Get on Court ™️ Campaign which has a mission of getting more people learning how to play tennis and encourage others to also ™️ Get on Court ™️.

USA TENNIS TOUR is set on our goal to get more people to learn and start playing the game we love, through initiatives, programs, and more!


The USA TENNIS TOUR is not just a semipro and professional organization! We also have circuits, tours, series, and so much more for Juniors, Seniors, Recreational Players, beginners, intermediate players, wheelchair tennis, Legends Tennis, Team Tennis, tennis leagues, flex tennis, and more! We also partner with tennis brands like Thirty 30 Tennis, and others to offer other types of events and tournaments!

The USATT has something for you!


The USATT also hosts social & destination tennis events, clinics, round robins, tennis off the court banquets, parties, networking events, hitting sessions, training, camps, mixers, tennis community events, and more!


The USA TENNIS TOUR started due to a need for a alternate tennis circuit below the professional tennis circuits.

The tour appeals to current and former professionals that want to play more events for more practice, more prize money, can’t qualify for events any longer and many other reasons. The tour also appeals to players that cannot qualify for pro events, due to not having ranking points, or access to a wildcard. With few opportunities to gain those points, some players are forced to sit out and watch. 

While there are individuals presenting a small amount of prize money events, there is not a nationwide standard circuit for these types of events below the level of the pros. This is where the USA TENNIS TOUR was born. 

The USATT is filling a whole in the market for these high performance and advanced tennis players to play prize money tennis, competitive tournaments and keep the dream alive. 

While many pro players within the Top 250 on the WTA/ATP are well off and successful financially, not the same can be said for players outside the Top 250, usually. 

Many of these players are merely breaking even, or just getting by. This provides the USA TENNIS TOUR the chance to appeal to these professional WTA/ATP/ITF players with prize money events and opportunities. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR also started to give top level juniors a chance to start playing some Open tournaments to get a taste of pro tennis and prepare them for their goals of pro, or college tennis. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a chance to draw players to events throughout the USA due to our high performance player structure. 

About the USA TENNIS TOUR – Why We Started 


Today, with how the ITF, WTA & ATP circuits are set up, the number of new players turning professional (that aren’t children of millionaires) is few and far between. It is difficult to start your journey on the tour, and even more difficult to sustain it. The opportunities are shrinking and the journey to go pro is getting more difficult and even more expensive. 

That is why we created the USA TENNIS TOUR. We are creating more opportunities for players to reach their dreams and potential.  

Giving players a place to earn prize money, play competitive matches, and prepare and work towards their goal has been inexistent before, but now the USA TENNIS TOUR is here to push the next field of pros to their dreams.  


Players compete on the ITF circuit as a stepping stone to the WTA & ATP tour. 

Players travel thousands of miles to these tournaments at their chance to earn a handful of pro points to increase their ranking to possibly gain entry or wildcard to pro events. These players train year round and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to get their chance at these points. 

The journey is now more difficult as players alternate lists usually reach 100-200 players! It’s harder to get into the events, and if they get in, losing early will gain them only a few pro points, and prize money is not adequate. Many of the pros we have talked to and consulted with in building this tour, voice the difficulties of low prize money, high costs, and a international circuit with scheduling issues & changes needed. 

While tournament fees are low for ITF players, that doesn’t help too much with costs such as hotel, travel, coaching, training, equipment, and more. 

These players are fueling local economies and the circuit, with only one goal in mind, to play professional tennis for a living. 

We at the USATT want to support those players and offer them opportunities and s circuit to work towards their goals. 


Out of the top 5,000 men & women who are professional tennis players only approx 2,000 have ATP/WTA points. 

The rest are training and planning to go on the journey on the ITF or Challenger Tour and most likely train at tennis academies around the world.

The numbers are even bigger if you consider top juniors, collegiate players, advanced high performance players, and even former pros or failed pros. The USATT estimates there are 25,000 men and 25,000 women semipro and professional players that play at a high level and would be the target market for the circuit. 

This list includes top USTA rankings, UTR ratings, World Tennis Number, ITF rankings, college D1-3 and NAIA players, high level club players, and others. 

This top group includes younger top players who retired from the circuit due to money issues, injury or career decisions. 

No matter what the exact number, the top 10,000- 25,000 professional men and women is a great target to get in tournaments and members of the USATT.


The ATP/WTA really wants only the top 5% of ranked players for Grand Slam Events main draw and qualifying. 

The next 5% they want to play challengers & ITF events. 

That means only about 500 – 1,000 players are actively playing events on a consistent basis. ATP/WTA players ranked even 800-2,000 have strong difficulty qualifying for tournaments and have little to no chance of getting to ATP/WTA 500’s, 1000’s and especially the grand slams. 

Even the UTR Pro Series is mostly focused on a small number of top players maybe 1,000 maximum or 10%. Players must have a UTR of 10.0 or be ranked on the WTA/ATP tours. 

This is why we started the USA TENNIS TOUR, To give players that don’t have pro points or a pro UTR the ability to play and earn prize money at events, while building their game. 

The events are more well funded for the players, but the difficulty of gaining entry is equal, and the same players are gaining opportunities week in week out, while other players don’t have the opportunity, due to not being accepted by the tournament due the qualifications & requirements. This created opportunities for those that already have many, and leaves out a segment of the tennis world that already is underserved. 


This leaves 80% or (8,000 23,000 +-) top professional players that the USA Tennis Tour can really target and create some real playing opportunities and prize money and other benefits for.


Some of these top players will play on the USA Tennis Tour no doubt because they live or have their training  base or travel to the USA.

Extended Target Market 

In addition, there is the top college players, failed (tennis or academics) college players,  juniors and retired top adults/alumni of colleges. This group could be 50,000+ or even 100,000+ players depending on the age groups counted. Counting community colleges and small universities, the number is most likely over 100,000. 

There is also competitive recreational tennis players of 1 million + just in USA. This would include 4.0, 4.5 & 5.0+ USTA players, UTR 6+, and advanced club players. 

High School Players 

Each and every year approximately 300,000 players play on High School Tennis Teams. 

These players will be the next slew of college athletes ranging from D1-3 and NAIA schools. These players can compete on the USATT to prepare and improve their game to get ready for college competition. 

Players Equal Revenue 

Many of these players could play regularly on the USA Tennis Tour and these entry fees will produce key revenue. 


The USA TENNIS TOUR is a Open Pro Am Tennis Circuit hosting prize money tennis tournaments nationwide offering ranking points toward the Circuit Rankings for singles and doubles. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR is designed for the World’s best and Top 25,000 players including former and current professionals, D1,2,3 & NAIA college players, top level juniors, advanced recreational players, and all high performance tennis players. 

Players earn ranking points per event and per match to earn their spot on the USA TENNIS TOUR Rankings. 

Players can compete in Singles and Doubles in tournaments. 

USA TENNIS TOUR events all implement traditional scoring, event management, and use identical USATT Rules, Regulations, Standards, Policies & Practices. 

All USATT events implement Clock and Time Policies, Heat Index Policies and other event policies in ordinance with USATT Standards. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR uses ITF approved tennis balls for each event. Balls and equipment use will vary based on weather, court surface and other factors. 

USATT Ranking Circuits determine the number of ranking points distributed per event, and USATT Prize Money Levels determine the amount of prize money per event. 

USA TENNIS TOUR is connected with each state and territories having its own entity, all forming under the USATT UMBRELLA. 

USA TENNIS TOUR will partner with tournament directors, organizers, venues and courts to present and host USATT events under the USA TENNIS TOUR platform. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR will partner with and collaborate with tennis providers to create events and tournaments while agreeing to profit shares, rental costs and more. 


The USA TENNIS TOUR is a tennis organization with the mission to create more opportunities for tennis players to play events at a high performance level. Semiprofessional, professional & advanced tennis players are limited in the opportunities to play events and to be a part of a circuit due to the difficulty to enter tournaments in order to accumulate professional ranking points. Out of the top 10,000 players in the world, only about 2,000 of them have professional ranking points. This gap in opportunities is what birthed the USA TENNIS TOUR, offering a competitive circuit for players to compete for prize money and play the game at their level, with traditional tennis rules and scoring. The USA TENNIS TOUR Pro Circuit & SemiPro Tour is a pathway to the pros, players can work on their craft and monetize their game on the circuit to prepare for big events and professional tournaments such as Davis Cup, the ATP & WTA Tours & the ITF Circuit. The USATT will present year round nation and world wide tournaments offering prize money and USATT ranking points. 

Mission Statement: 

The USA Tennis Tour is dedicated to providing high performance, quality tennis tournaments for advanced & elite tennis players looking to play tennis at its highest level, and offering more opportunities to more tennis players to compete. 

Vision Statement:

The USA Tennis Tour has a dream of being the go to circuit for high level juniors, semipro players, professionals, collegiate players, former pros, & advanced tennis players at all ages and levels. With a 10 year plan, we have a goal of having over 10,000 players and hundreds of annual events. 


Providing a tennis circuit for players while earning revenue & profits from the tour from many different income streams will sustain the business for expansion, growth and improvement. 

BETA Tested

March 2021- February 2022 

336 players registered for the 21 events hosted in GA, AL, SC, NC, CA, FL.

Beta Tested on the UTR PLATFORM

The USA TENNIS TOUR was beta tested on the UTR platform from March 2021-March 2022. 

Our Pro Circuit & SemiPro Tour garnered participation and registration from over 300 players and fielded 30+ WTA/ATP pros and even more Divison I & II collegiate athletes. 

We hosted 22 tournaments in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Florida, & Australia. 

Notable USATT players are Kiranpal Pannu, Ana Sofia Sanchez, Tiphanie Fiquet, Sofia Shapatava, Scott Robertson, Tim Hewitt, Eduardo Lourido, Vera Lapko, Anastasia Antal, Katerina Stewart, & more! 

Players earned prize money & ranking points traveling the USA on the USA Tennis Tour. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR was was a go – to tournament provider for high performance and professional players, and players were applying for wildcards, registering for multiple events at once, including singles and doubles, and spreading word to friends and colleagues. 

The USATT Pro Circuit & SemiPro Tennis Tour is the Main Tour of the USATT, the high performance circuit is the main entity of the organization, it is how we started the company. 

USA Tennis Tour is a high performance tennis tour for all ages and is a pathway from child – middle school – high school – junior – college – pro tennis. 

All players are invited to play in the “Open” tournament. But it is designed for players who play high level tennis. 

“Open” Tournaments:

An “Open Tournament” in sports terminology refers to a sporting event or game tournament that is open to contestants regardless of their professional or amateur status, age, ability, gender, sex, or other categorization

USA TENNIS TOUR is a tennis circuit designed to host tennis tournaments and events for national and international players ranging from intermediate – advanced – semipro – college – pro. All events are “open” events and all players are able to register regardless of ranking or other criteria. All can register, but only the top players will be accepted into the main draw, or qualifying, depending on entries. 


We are creating the USA Tennis Tour (USATT) as an interconnected network of local and regional tennis ecosystems which are linked by a common set of principles and guidelines intended to maximize opportunity and equity for players of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Additional divisions such as qualifying draws will & could be implemented for lower rated players, players that did not get into Main Draw. 


The USA Tennis Tour will work with the international tennis ecosystem and selected venue providers to host a wide variety and a large number of prize money tennis events on a regular monthly quarterly or annual basis to provide thousands of tennis events for high performance players on a worldwide basis


USA Tennis Tour aims to increase the number of high quality prize money tennis events for high performance players on a worldwide basis.


– TOP 10-25,000 players worldwide.

– Top UTR RATINGS Players 


– GRADUATED D1,2,3, NAIA players 

– Active College Players 

– Top Junior’s 

– Advanced Players

– Former Pros 

– International Players 

– Advanced Club Players 

The tour is designed for the Top 10-25,000 players in the world but is also open to anyone looking to play “Open Tennis” and compete at a high level against elite players. 


Benefits for Players on the USA TENNIS TOUR 

Prize Money

All events are prize money events. 

Cost & Time Reduction

Through Coop.Tennis, get reduced costs on registration fees, event expenses, and more.

Play events closer to you and spend the time training instead of traveling! 

Player Amenities and Benefits

The tour is designed for the player first! Amenities at events such as water and drinks provided, towels, and more! 

Discounted Accommodations

Take advantage of discounts, promotions, limited time offers and incentive programs that save you money on your events, tournaments and or programs! 

Preferred Affiliate Program

Players can join the Promotion Team and earn money every time someone uses their code to register to play, sponsor, donate, etc.

What We Know – Why We Started 

  • Budgets for most players is LOW. 
  • We can help players reach their dreams.
  • We can help struggling players. 
  • We can create a program where Players can help each-other. 
  • There are proportionally more opportunities for the Top 500 in the World, and less for the others.
  • “Lonely at the top” – we can create a new world for tennis and Amateur-Pro/Semi-Pro/Future-Pro tennis. 
  • Players are losing money more & faster than they are making it. 

Why Players Should Join (Benefits, Perks) 

 Player Benefits 

Ways to encourage players to play, join or be a part of the tour:

  • Prize Money Tour
  • Cost / Time Reduction Initiative 

Benefits to players 

  • Accommodations with discounts (hotels, travel, practice, etc) 
  • Preferred Affiliate Program & promoter opportunities. 

Benefits from Spectators, Sponsorships

  • increased revenue and sponsorship will make more opportunities for players, & increase prize money. 

Price Reduction

  • Deals with Airbnbs, Hotels
  • Deals with chains like CrackerBarrel, Moe’s 


The USA TENNIS TOUR is connected by operations in each individual state and territory, under the umbrella of USATT (USA TENNIS TOUR). 

Each organizer and venue will present and host tournaments sanctioned by the USA TENNIS TOUR as the governing body. 

Tournaments will be scheduled and posted and players will be able to register for those events. 


We are creating the USA Tennis Tour (USATT) as an interconnected network of local and regional tennis ecosystems which are linked by a common set of principles and guidelines intended to maximize opportunity and equity for players of all ages, genders, and abilities.

Individual organizers who join the network may set the details of their own events (entry fees, draw size and format, prize money, etc.) in alignment with the USATT Standards and Sanctioning platform.

Who are we?

Luke Harden is the creator and founder of the USA TENNIS TOUR. With a life of tennis and love for the game, and passion for the game of tennis, the USATT was created in goal of wanting to help players reach their dreams by playing tennis! 

Luke, a player since 4 years old, instructor, and experienced in tennis over 18 years! At age 11, began training hard and got to #5 in the State of GA, learned about tennis center and program management and operations, hands on training with court maintenance, running of academies, lessons, events, tournaments, and have seen each side of tennis and since launching 21Ace Tennis Events LLC , I want to help players reach their dreams by playing more tennis. Luke is still involved in USATT and is ready to take it to the next level! 

Who runs the tour? 

Luke Harden, acting Owner & Operator of the USATT, runs and manages the tour administration, our previous partners were a driving force in the mechanics and of the technology, setting up the tour, and day to day operations while Luke with 21Ace Tennis is on the grounds making it happen, running events, planning and scheduling. This connection of collaboration of minds and partners was dedicated to making the USA TENNIS TOUR a reality after close to a year of planning, phone calls, emails and meetings. After hard work, the tour launched in March 2021. 

Brief Summary 

The USA Tennis Tour consists of state and regional based operations and entities all circulating under one USATT umbrella. The USATT will be the chosen tour by aspiring, former and current semipro and pro players and hold nation and world wide tennis tournaments with identical Tour Standards and Values. 

Initial planning for the USA Tennis Tour and the associated tennis event types has been in development since 2020. This 10 year development plan will cover a series of between 1 annual event up to 52 weekly tennis tournament events per year to be held at 3,000 to 6,000 host sites worldwide. On average of 12 tennis tournament events per year are hosted at each site, then 3,000 host sites have the potential to host up to 36,000 events per year.

The USATT has plans to operate in each state and area of the country and the world making tennis more available and making going professional and making a living on the tennis tour more possible. 

Where can we find the USA TENNIS TOUR?


INSTAGRAM @theusatennistour

Website: 21AceTennis.com

Check us out! 


The USA TENNIS TOUR is a nationwide, worldwide & international tennis circuit open to all players but geared toward high performance, advanced, semipro and professional tennis players. All events are Open Pro-Am tournaments meaning active and former professional players can play as well as amateurs and aspiring pros, and kids, juniors, college players and more. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR presents a year round tennis tournament schedule presenting prize money tennis tournaments nationwide and internationally. Each tournament offers prize money purses, some for singles, doubles and or mixed doubles. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR events award each player USATT Ranking Points that go toward their USA TENNIS TOUR singles or doubles rankings. Each event is identified as a Ranking Circuit that awards varying amounts of ranking points. Ranking points are tallied and a new list is posted after every Monday. Ranking points and position will qualify players for certain events, invite only tournaments, opportunities, monetary benefits, and qualification to the Year End Championship. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR presents all events under the same Rules, Regulations, Standards and Values. All events are professionally organized, planned and managed with experienced professionals and directors. All tournaments are sanctioned by USA TENNIS TOUR meaning they provide all tournament policies, create tournaments draws and schedules, post seeds and entry lists and other event requirements. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR presents tournaments and events with quality partners and collaborators. Presenting professional and memorable events is very important to the USATT, and also is the treatment of our players, staff, organizers and support team. 

The tour was designed “By Players, For Players”. Meaning that players were consulted with on the construction of the USA TENNIS TOUR. We canvassed hundreds of players getting their opinions on scoring, event management, scheduling and more. The BY PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS slogan is a symbol for the USATT being the chosen home for advanced players. The “Player’s Choice” of Tennis Circuits. 

Everything from rest time, to bathroom breaks to medical time outs was built and designed by players for players.  

The USA TENNIS TOUR is designed as a National & International Pathway. The USA TENNIS TOUR is determined to usher in the new era of collegiate athletes, semiprofessionals, club and school coaches, and professional ITF/WTA/ATP athletes. 

The USATT provides real world experience what it’s like to be “on tour” and provides real match practice, monetary benefit and competitive socialization to prepare players for the next step in their Tennis Journey. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR also has sub-tours and circuits that offer niche-market events that appeal to certain players ranging from tune ups, to wildcard events. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR or also known as the USA TENNIS TOUR Pro Circuit & SemiPro Tennis Tour is a nationwide tennis circuit hosting prize money tournaments for the Top 25,000 players in the world. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR presents professionally managed events offering prize money and ranking points nationwide using traditional tennis rules, scoring & regulations. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR offers ranking points per match and per event, rewarding players for their results. Being ranked on the circuit will qualify players for certain events, and improve their chances of gaining entry into tournaments and main draws.

The USA TENNIS TOUR runs traditional events with singles and doubles brackets, giving players optimal playing and earning opportunities. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR uses traditional tennis scoring for all events. All singles tournaments feature full 2 out of 3 set matches. Traditional play is chosen by high performance players over short scoring. 

The tour was designed by players for players, over 100 players were canvassed and surveyed on how the tour should be structured. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR was designed for players to have more competitive tournament opportunities to play matches and earn prize money. As a pathway to the pros, players can play the USA TENNIS TOUR while pursuing their dreams of playing on the WTA/ATP or even the ITF or Challenger Circuit. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR gives players tournaments to play in between their professional tournaments or college seasons, and gives high level juniors the chance to play players of all ages to prepare themselves for college tennis or the pros. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR was designed to give players opportunities to earn prize money and earn a living playing tennis, traveling the country. The paid opportunities for players are slim and the USA TENNIS TOUR is here to provide more chances for players to be rewarded for their play. 

Vision & Goals of the USA TENNIS TOUR 

The vision and goals of the USA TENNIS TOUR is to be the chosen tennis circuit below the professional tennis circuits and tours for all advanced tennis players and pro-am athletes nationwide. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a vision to have operations set up and events in all 50 states and territories and presenting tournaments in the most important communities in each state or territory.  

USA TENNIS TOUR has a goal to present around 36,000 events annually, with each venue presenting on average of 12 events per year. This is part of USATT 10 Year Plan for growth and expansion. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a vision to be trusted by a majority of the Top 25,000 tennis players in the world as their home for prize money high performance tennis tournaments. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a ultimate vision to be the PATHWAY TO THE PRO TOUR. The USATT has a vision to be the circuit chosen by aspiring professionals in preparation and in their journey towards the grand slams. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a goal to be the chosen circuit by junior players under 18 aspiring to play professional or college tennis, or just to compete for prize money. 

The USA TENNIS TOUR has a goal and a vision to be the home for players after graduation from high school and or college while they develop their career on the USATT or decide to pursue professional tennis. 


Learn more about the USA TENNIS TOUR by contacting its founder, Luke Harden – lukeharden2@gmail.com