USATT ™️ Spot Sports ™️ South Florida Tennis Series

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USATT partnered with Spot Sports in 2021 to present high performance tennis tournaments in Miami and Homestead, FL.

The USATT SPOT SPORTS SERIES presented the Palm Open, APE SPORTSWEAR OPEN, AND USA OPEN in 2021 that fielded players from all across Florida and the Southeast United States.

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HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA ] – SpotSports recently announced that they will team up with USA TennisTour (USATT) and to host a USA Tennis Tour Series for all levels. The tennis tournaments will allow players to complete who normally don’t have this opportunity.

To compete in most tournaments, players need to have a ranking to get in. Therefore, most tennis enthusiasts do not attempt to play tournaments because most are not for them. USATT, and SpotSports have partnered to provide tournament opportunities to everyone in every community. All SpotSports USA Tennis Tour tournaments are currently being held at JD REDD TENNIS CENTER. The upcoming tennis competition is scheduled for November 19-21, 2021. 

“SpotSports is committed to bringing tennis and competition to every community globally who would not otherwise have an opportunity to do so,” said John Wilkins, owner of SpotSports.

The tournament dates will span from November 19-21, 2021 and December 27-29 2021. Details regarding the tournaments can be found below.


USA TENNIS TOUR – Spot Sports Series 

SpotSports – created by John Wilkins

SpotSports is the first integrated fitness and education curriculum in the world. It’s proven scientifically that being active promotes better brain activity. It was developed to enhance associative learning (i.e., processing comparisons and analogies). The curriculum is based on SpotSports signal detection and color used in fitness or sports activities.

USATT & SpotSports will partner to present tournaments, events, programs, lessons, clinics, seminars, workshops,marketing, promotion, and more. 

Spot Sports and USA TENNIS TOUR have partnered to do some SPOT SPORTS clinics and mixers during, before and after the event. 

John Wilkins will also be a speaker at the opening ceremonies, conferences, meetings, player parties, and other tournament/event connected events. 

John Wilkins, former ATP PRO and active Coach & Spot Sports President will also be at the trophy ceremonies handing over the prize money and the trophies.